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Faro Airport to Tavira by bus or train transfer

Tavira is a charming Portuguese town that makes for an enjoyable holiday destination. The main international airport of the Algarve is Faro airport, and it is possible to travel from the airport to Tavira by public transport. The journey is inexpensive (less than 7 Euro per person) but it can be very long transfer as services are infrequent and the regional train is very slow........

Faro Airport to Tavira an overview

Faro airport is situated 35km to the west of Tavira and the journey by public transport has two stages. The first stage is from the airport to Faro train (or bus) station and the second stage is from Faro to Tavira. There is no direct public transport link from Faro airport to Tavira; a connection in Faro is required.

TAP is the national airline of Portugal

TAP is the national airline of Portugal

The last daily train from Faro to Tavira is at 21:51 (correct October 2016 - please check timetable link later on in the article). If arriving in Faro airport after 20:00 it is advisable to pre-book a transfer or consider spending a night in Faro, which is a surprisingly pleasant city.

Private Transfer from the airport

A private transfer is the easiest and fastest method of travel from Faro airport to Tavira. The most reliable and highest regarded (by people who live and work in the Algarve) transfer company is Yellow Fish Transfers. They operate smart, clean and safe cars and their drivers are renowned for being punctual. A transfer from Faro airport to Tavira costs €43/86 (single transfer/return), takes 40 minutes and can be booked here. (The link opens new window)

yellow fish

Yellow Fish operate the best transfer service in the Algarve

Faro Airport to Faro City

A taxi from the arrivals terminal building to Faro train station will cost around €10 and the journey is 10 minutes. There is an intermittent bus service (Route 16) between the airport and Faro city, with a departure every 30-50 minutes. A single ticket costs €2.22 (yes really!) and is purchased from the driver.

Faro train station

The number 16 bus in the Proximo bus station in Faro

The bus departs from the bus stands to the west of the terminal building (turn left when exiting the arrivals hall) and the timetable is displayed at the bus stop. The number 16 bus terminates at the Proximo bus station in central Faro, which is next to the intercity bus station and 200m walk to the train station. For an in-depth guide to the airport bus service, please click here.

Train or Bus from Faro to Tavira?

Tavira is 30km to the east of Faro and is connected by both rail and bus services. The journey from Faro to Tavira is quicker by train than bus (train takes 40 minutes while the bus takes 1 hour) also the train ticket is slightly cheaper. Train travel is more relaxed, with more leg room and plenty of space for large luggage.

Train travel from Faro to Tavira

The train journey from Faro to Tavira is a slow regional service, but the route is scenic as it follows the coastline. The 30km journey takes 40 minutes and a single adult ticket costs €3.15. Tickets must be purchased before boarding the train from the ticket office.

train from Faro to Tavira

The train from Faro to Tavira

As the this is a regional railway, tickets cannot be pre-booked but there are always seats available. The main issue with the Algarve railway is that there are only ten daily departures, which means that depending on the time of your flight there could be a long wait for a train. Also, the last train is at 21:51, (correct October2016), the latest timetable as a PDF can be viewed at the CP (Comboios de Portugal) website and the link is:


(the link opens a new window)

The frequency of the train services does mean that Faro or Tavira can be visited as a day trip from the other. Both cities are very different and equally enjoyable as day trips. For a guide to visiting Faro as a day trip please click here.

Faro train station

Faro train station is small and easy to navigate

Faro train station is the largest station along the Algarve regional railway but still could be considered as a small station. There is a ticket office, magazine stand and not much else - the station is very easy to navigate around. Outside of Faro station there is a taxi stand and a couple of good cafes, ideal for a quick meal. Faro station is less than a 5-minute walk from the marina and the bus station.

Tavira train station

Tavira's small train station

Tavira train station is much smaller than Faro station and is located on the southwestern side of the town. The walk from the train station to the Praça da Republica and central Tavira, takes around 10 minutes and is all downhill but is along cobbled streets.

Faro to Tavira by Bus

The journey from Faro to Tavira by bus takes 1 hour, and the service is operated by Eva buses. There are seven daily departures, which increase to eleven Monday to Friday. The first bus of the day from Faro is at 07:15 and the last is at 19:30, (correct April 2016). The current timetable can viewed at the Eva Bus website; www.eva-bus.com

Faro bus station

Inside Faro bus station

A single ticket from Faro to Tavira costs €4.30 and a return ticket costs the same as two singles, €8.60. Tickets must be purchased before boarding the bus, from the ticket office. Heavy or bulky luggage is loaded into the luggage compartments on the side of the bus. The Faro regional bus station is next to the Proximo bus station, and it is a 200m walk from the train station.

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